About Aspire Training

We deliver a wide range of professional development in relation to all aspects of Behaviour Management, and Mental Health and Well-being.

All our training is research based, purposefully designed and Quality Assured to deliver specific, meaningful outcomes.

As with everything Aspire BM does, our training material has been developed so it can be delivered to meet the bespoke needs of schools or individual staff members.

We frequently provide whole school training sessions for inset days, half days or twilight sessions.

We also host pre-arranged training programmes which cater for individual staff members from a number of schools.

Packages can be arranged at short notice if necessary and to suit any budget.

We are licensed Team Teach trainers and have also developed an accredited NVQ programme for specialist Teaching Assistants.

Training courses available –

  • Understanding Origins of Behaviour & how to manage it – this course is designed to give participants the opportunity to develop skills in recognising causal factors behind challenging behaviour in children. This will include recognising our own behaviour as adults and how this may create either negative or positive responses, strategies to manage this and altering our tolerance levels.
  • Managing a challenging class – this course is designed to give participants the opportunity to develop their skills to deal with a challenging class, identify strategies to create a positive learning environment and build their resilience to manage challenging situations.
  • Supporting Mental Health in a learning environment – this interactive course will introduce participants to gaining a better understanding of what mental health is, how it may display in a classroom environment, when to have concerns, and strategies to support good mental health.
  • Supporting Anxiety in Children – This half day course will support staff in identifying behaviours in a classroom that may be anxiety related and what strategies to implement to support and evidence this.
  • Snapshot – ADHD and its impact – This workshop will give delegates an up to date snapshot of ADHD, what it is, how to spot the signs and how to appropriately manage it within a classroom environment.
  • Snapshot – ASD and its impact – This workshop will give delegates an up to date snapshot of ASD, what it is, how to spot the signs and how to appropriately manage it within a classroom environment.
  • Snapshot – Attachment and its impact – This workshop will give delegates an up to date snapshot of Attachment Disorders, what it is, how to spot the signs and how to appropriately manage it within a classroom environment.
  • Snapshot Bundle – This course combines the above snapshot courses into one day, and will also discuss recognising children that may display more than one condition.
  • Safer Schools – Our in house De-escalation and Positive Handling Training.
  • Exclusion Guidance – This workshop aims to give the most up to date information and guidance available on Government exclusion policy and how this impacts practice in schools.
  • Managing Conflict with Parents – A half day which will offer a toolkit to delegates in managing, nurturing and building relationships with difficult and hard to reach parents.
  • Positive Behaviour Management Training – This course is supported by the Codes of Practice. Behaviour training with the main focus on school and classroom behaviour management (Behaviour for Learning / Teaching and Learning)
  • Anti-bullying – bespoke policy and training linked to government guidance
  • SEND – bespoke policy and legislation training and guidance
  • Dyslexia Screening
  • EHCP
  • Positive Parenting Programme – Triple P

Meet the Training Team

Linda Wyld

“I have been the Training Manager with Aspire since May 2017; my role involves     co-ordinating and delivering the internal and external training and development programmes for Aspire. I also provide support to other staff members with training and development to thoroughly plan and evaluate the effectiveness of our teaching, learning and development across the business. I have also managed the successful Centre Accreditation of the Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools qualifications at levels 2 & 3.

I have worked in Child Care and Education for over 20 years, during this time I have managed a 40 place Nursery where I went on to be become a qualified Assessor and Internal Quality Assurer for Accrington & Rossendale College.  This involved the training and development of Foster Carers, Teaching Assistants, Residential Child Care Workers and Managers.

I have a Certificate in Education and Training in the Post-Compulsory Sector this has provided me with the opportunity to teach Apprenticeships, School Leavers and Adult Learners in numerous Child Care Qualifications.

I have also completed a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Professional Studies, which has provided me with a more detailed knowledge, experience and further understanding of Education.

I am passionate about education and improving the lives of the children and young people I work with.”

Danny Maher

“I am one of the co-founders and Directors of Aspire Behaviour Management. I lead the Aspire Outreach Service, as well as sitting on our Board.

My background includes being Area Manager for a Youth Offending Team Prevention Service and District Manager of an LA Behaviour Support Service.

I am a qualified Youth Justice & Restorative Justice practitioner as well as a fully qualified and accredited Parenting Support Practitioner in Triple P Programmes (Standard & Teen), Incredible Years Programme (Webster-Stratton) and the Solihull Parenting Support Approach.

 I have over 20 years of experience “in the field” and during that time have worked with thousands of vulnerable and complex children, young people and families displaying SEMH and other SEN related difficulties.

I have extensive knowledge, understanding and practices in supporting children, families and schools with identified SEND, challenging behaviours, parenting support and Youth Justice & Restorative Justice approaches

Gill Bullock

“I am a Director and one of the co-founders of Aspire Behaviour Management Ltd. I lead The Aspire Hub, as well as sitting on our Board.

I have over 30 years’ experience working with vulnerable children and their families.

After my daughter was diagnosed with Dyslexia, I became Bolton and District’s Dyslexia Associations Co-Ordinator. I then spent 17 years as a Parent Partnership Officer, providing independent advice and support to parents of children going through the statementing process. I also have a son who was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 4. From here, I set up an afterschool club for children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties.

I have been an evidenced based parenting practitioner for over 30 years. During this time I have sat on a number of school and health panels and boards. I was a Governor at a Rumworth Special School in Bolton for over 10 years, I was a member of the management committee for the Primary Pupil Referral Unit in Bolton and I am currently Chair of Governors at Whittlefield Primary School.

My experience with my own children and that of the many lives I have been privileged to share a snap shot of, has driven me to want the very best and equally the same opportunities for all children – even those that at times challenge our every thought and all of our boundaries”

Carol Woodall

I have been a Senior Outreach Keyworker with Aspire since January 2015. My role involves supporting children who have been identified as needing additional support in school, as well as supporting the professional development of teaching and support staff and delivering parenting support.

I have been working with children in need of support for over 18 years.  In 2000 I became the first classroom assistant in Manchester whilst working with a young autistic boy in a Primary school.

I worked as an Outreach Worker with the Bolton Behaviour Support Team for 15 years, during which time I provided parenting and 1:1 support, whole class interventions, small group sessions, home visits and holiday clubs, as well as going in to schools to support individual children.

I have the National Nursery Examining Board qualification, a Train the Trainer certificate in The Nurturing Approach, and administrated the SEAL and The Nurturing Approach projects for all schools in Bolton.

I am an avid Manchester City fan and a short break foster carer.

Monica Tudorache

 I have been a Senior Outreach Key worker with Aspire since February 2018.

I have been working in education and childcare for the last 17 years in a variety of settings in UK and abroad. During this time, I’ve had a variety of roles from teaching assistant to class teacher and family officer. I hold a BA in Linguistics, Early Years Postgraduate Certificate, Pg. Diploma in Inclusive Education and currently studying for a MScs In Psychology. I am a qualified teacher with an extensive experience in special needs (ASD, Down Syndrome and other neuro-developmental disorders).

I am a qualified Teacher and hold the Early Years Professional Status. I am registered as a Sensory Enrichment Therapist with Mendability, as an Education Test Assessor with Person and as a Student member of the British Psychological Society.

I have always believed that the best teacher for me would always be the child. Therefore, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from children how to be a strong and an empathetic teacher. In return, I have always aimed to offer sincerity, enthusiasm and consistency. I have tried to create opportunities for children to become independent individuals, capable of analysing and finding own solutions. I have tied my personal experiences as a mother with my knowledge of child psychology and aimed to exceed my own expectations, continuing to change my attitude and my teaching methods.

Denise Forshaw

I was appointed as Aspirations Manager in July 2017.

I am a qualified teacher with experience of teaching across all key stages since 2002.

I am a qualified SENCO having achieved the National Award for Special Educational Needs Coordinator (NASENCO) The role involves working with children and young people who may have SEN/D difficulties. Responsibilities includes developing IEP/IBP, pupil passports, provision mapping, liaising and advising teachers/teaching assistants, attending CAF/TAF meetings, being lead professional where necessary, staff appraisal, applying for statutory assessments, organising review meetings, engaging professionals (educational psychologist, paediatrician, teacher of the deaf, school nurse, local GPs, CAMHS etc) supporting families, attending professionals’ meetings.

I am also a qualified specialist teacher which allows me to use assessments that identify possible specific learning difficulties within literacy and numeracy and advise on interventions that are person centred or that can be used with a group.

I like young people, enjoy their company and the spontaneity they bring, and I believe that every child deserves a fair start in life, with the very best opportunity to succeed. I am assiduously fair, have high expectations and believe I have an essential, whole person ethos in working with staff, parents and pupils. I have successfully guided pupils through schooling, encouraging them to believe in themselves and achieve highly notwithstanding their difficulties.

On a personal level I love to spend time with my children and grandchildren, keeping fit and devoting time in my garden, (it’s my mindfulness period).

Current Training Packages

As an OCR accredited centre for training we always strive to design training packages which support schools’ current needs in an ever-changing landscape.

We are more than happy to design bespoke programmes for either individual schools, or a group of schools. Just let us know what you want.

We have a range of programmes delivered by a range of people all specialists in specific areas, below are just a few examples of the training we offer.

All of our training is now delivered at fixed cost starting at £500+VAT for up to 15 people on a twilight session. In addition to that we are also offering a discount on multiple programmes, if you book two training sessions with us that will get you a 10% discount and three training sessions will get a 15% discount.


  1. The Aspire Sports Funding Programme – Developed to enable schools’ to use their sports funding to deliver meaningful and accredited professional development for support staff. Options available for OCR accreditation at extra cost.


  1. The Aspire TA Development Programme – A modular programme developed to enable staff to obtain NVQ level 2 and 3 TA qualifications with a particular emphasis on managing challenging behaviours.


  1. The Aspire Mental Health Programme – Developed to enable all school staff to identify and deal effectively with mental health issues.


  1. Safer Schools –Safer Schools is Aspire’s brand new De-escalation and Positive Handling Training. We believe that holding children should be a last resort to any situation which is why we have developed Safer Schools.This is first and foremost designed to show you how to follow the steps needed to stop situations escalating to the point where holding a child is necessary. We have developed this training in house using our decades of experience in behaviour management and in our own independent nurture school.As part of the training we show you all the holds necessary to ensure you and the child are at least risk of injury.Safer Schools is more relevant, safer and more nurturing than other leading child handling training on offer today.Upon completion of the training you will be provided with a certificate and contact details for the training team. We will provide ongoing support and advice for anybody that doesn’t feel confident about holding a child or the strategies used before and after incidents.

    We believe that this training requires a whole school approach and therefore it is not priced per person but for up to 20 staff members.

    In addition, we regularly update our training to ensure it is in line with legal recommendations and therefore recommend that this training is completed on an annual basis.

    The cost of training up to 20 staff members is £895 that is just £44.75 per person.


For further details on any of these programmes, click the relevant link below:

Aspire Sports Funding

Aspire Mental Health Training Sessions

Aspire Supporting Teaching and Learning in schools – TA Level 2 and 3


Aspire has effectively led the team, providing and managing the service to our school in supporting pupils with social, emotional and behavioural needs and in supporting school in effectively managing these pupils. Her experience and expertise has been highly valued and Gill has contributed advice, training, guidance and support in the managing of the varied needs of our children and has been actively involved with the school over many years.

Sheila Copley SENCO

Aspire North West have provided bespoke support to our school which has included Individual Staff Training for behaviour management, support and advice in the completion of EHAF and HNF applications and in class support for pupils. All of the work undertaken has been completed in a timely and professional manner. The staff are knowledgeable and skilled in their work,  therefore we highly recommend this service for schools seeking individualised support tailored to their specific needs.

Joanne Blakemore - Social Inclusion Officer Brandwood School

We began working with Aspire in January 2015 as we felt we needed a more tailored service to support our children and staff. The support provided has been excellent and we continue to work together to mould the perfect service to meet our needs. Aspire North West works with pupils and staff on a one to one basis and in small groups to improve behaviour and pupil wellbeing across the school. The support that has been provided has been integral in maintaining outstanding behaviour at Bishop Bridgeman Primary School.

Helen Fazakerley - Learning Mentor Bishop Bridgeman C. E. Primary School